Discussion and Weekly Reading: How Do You Remember?

First, let me go ahead and get the “weekly reading” portion of this post out of the way.

Currently, I’m reading The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. It’s been one of those “can’t find it at the library” books since it got that movie deal, and I finally found a copy on the shelf at my local library. I’m probably six or seven chapters in, and I can’t even tell if I like it yet.

Second, let me go ahead and remind everyone that my blog will absolutely shut down in November. No book hops, no reviews, nothing. NaNoWriMo will be taking over my life for that month. If you want to drop me a line, I’ll post a quick “contact” post before November rolls around. Until then, I’ll be working dilligently to get my reviews done. I have one more Mary Higgins Clark novel planned before November, as well as a stack of about five other books (which I will probably finish in a week and then return for more).


How do you remember which books you want to read next?

I have a stack of books I keep by my front door on the counter. It’s usually a stack of books from the library, but every now and again I’ll toss one of my own in there. Borrowing from the library, for me, presents its own problems (namely the time limit before I have to return books). The stack is usually about five or six high, so it doesn’t seem that daunting to me. I pick up the top one, read it, and when I’m done I slip it on the bottom of the stack (if it’s a library book; if it’s one of mine it goes back in the box it came from) and grab the next one on the top. This method has worked pretty well for me so far; hopefully it’ll continue working for me.


One thought on “Discussion and Weekly Reading: How Do You Remember?

  1. Care says:

    OH. Goodness. I have a Must-Read-SOON pile that is on the top of my PC cabinet and blogging always seems to remind me of books I want to read ‘now’ but I do like to have a small stack of the books I really-really-really want to read next handy. It’s crazy, isn’t it? Wanting to read books and never having the time? My friends make so much fun of me for how big my to-be-read list is on goodreads.com. I just tell them that it ensures me a long life.

    PS Just got the movie Lovely Bones in my mailbox. I liked the book.

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