Below are author’s websites that I frequent. I did have a list of links for blogs that I read, but I’ve moved those into the links sidebar.

Author’s Websites and Blogs
Mostly, I like reading the book blogs above. Every now and again I’ll visit the authors’ websites below to see what they’re up to and to find out about any new projects.

Jennifer Crusie || her blog (mostly, she blogs about her upcoming books, her thought processes, and things like that)
Stephen King Oh, come on. If anyone knows anything about me, they’d have expected this. (As far as I can tell, doesn’t have a blog area)
Justine Larbalestier || her blog blogging from Ms. Larbalestier is currently on hold due to an injury that keeps her away from the computer.
Richelle Mead || her blog Richelle Mead is one of my favorite YA authors. Her Vampire Academy novels are excellent guilty-pleasure reading. Her blog is filled mostly with travel (book signings and the like), and book updates.
Carrie Ryan || her blog Carrie Ryan is another YA author, and she happens to be from my neck of the woods (I think that’s a Southern-ism), Greenville, SC.
Neil Gaiman || his journal


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