Review Policy

Want me to review something?
Please note that I am not currently accepting review requests from publishers or authors. If you have suggestions for a book you think I might enjoy, please leave them in the comment section below.

Update, 04October2012: Please do not e-mail me with review requests. They will be ignored and deleted from my inbox. I wish I did not have to post this notice, but I have received several requests since posting the above notice.

How Fast Do I Review?

My typical speed for reading books is two or three a week, though sometimes I can read more, depending on the length of the book and the type of book. I write reviews as soon as I finish a book. From there, I can upload the review to my blog within a day. Unless there is a deadline on the book, such as a publish date or a virtual tour date, I tend to read books in the order they’re received.

Please remember: Just because I say I will review a book does not mean I will like it. Also keep in mind that if I say I will review a book, I will do just that. I may not get to it right away. I have a huge stack of books to read. If a book’s publish date is nearing, please let me know so I can make that book a priority.

Please also note that I do not receive any kind of profit for reviewing books. I do this as a hobby (in other words: for fun). I generally obtain my books from a bookstore, the library, or a friend’s collection. Any ARC’s that are sent to me will not be sold. Any digital copies sent to me for review will be deleted after the review is posted. FTC guidelines for bloggers

[Note: If you are contacting me to try to get adspace on my blog, please note that I would like to keep my blog as ad-free as possible, and currently have no desire to post ads on my site (not to mention I can’t run java on a wordpress blog). If I do post ads in the future, they will be book-related. Please do not send me e-mails with inquiries about ad space.]


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